The Walking Dead Season 7: Action, Drama, News Updates, and More

The walking dead season 7 spoilers and news updates are already creating a huge buzz among the audiences. The ones who are expecting to know about the final victim of the Negan have to wait for the series to be on the air. Releasing on air on October 23, 2016, this series has already made its mark in the 6th series. The abrupt ending of the final episode of the 6th series has kept the audience anticipating for the upcoming version.

The Walking Dead Season 7

The name of the victim is a secret but what is evident is that Rick is not the targeted victim of the Negan. The whole team surrendering to the Negan is one of the highlights of the series. The revenge strategies have been drawn, and the plans have been well structured. The series brings an exciting twist with the introduction of the comic elements. This feature brings comic relief to the enormous impact of the bloodshed and revenge of the opponents.

 With both the teams fighting and targeting each other, the audience is left shocked and glued to the whole action packed sequence. Ezekiel who adds some element of comedy to the entire series is one of the major attractions. Ezekiel’s pet tiger named Shiva becomes his companion in each of his adventures.

 The audience is kept guessing as to who is the victim of the Negan in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1. With the Negan fighting atrocious battles against the opponents, the audience has to wait to see who wins the final combat. Danai Gurira plays the role of Michonne, the warrior who has come out of the lonely existence. Each of these individuals has their struggle and also has to face the atrocities levied on them. Daryl Dixon is the hunter and also the one to recruit the other members of the Alexandria. The survivors have been facing trouble since they are to fight the opponents with equal vigor.

The footage on this series has received a tremendous response. The videos have an enormous viewership which makes it evident that the viewers are all waiting with high hopes. The footage shows that Rick is not the victim. This happens after Negan has been attacked. The attack and counter attack is a constant process which has no end to it. This combat involves a lot of suspense and horror.